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Welcome to Mai Co
Medicinal Herbal and Essential Oil Products

Handcrafted by us from the finest and natural pure ingredients

Our gentle holistic healing range caters for all family member age groups and their conditions – from the delicate baby skin of a newborn, to the sore arthritic joints of our seniors.

Our range includes products for skin care (day and night), body care, hair care, soaps, essential oils, diffuser and diffuser oil blends, herbal teas, pet care, medicinal herbal and essential oil products.

All the products are handcrafted by us from the very most basic, natural, pure and finest ingredients. As far as possible we select oils and herbs that are organic, and certainly sustainably grown and harvested.

Our Products

All the products are handcrafted by us from the very most basic natural pure ingredients. As far as possible we select oils and herbs that are organic, and certainly sustainably grown and harvested. It is our firm goal to use the oils and herbs that are grown and produced in the Southern African region, as it is our firm belief that the plants that are grown in your region are in fact best suited to treat your ailments and conditions, as they are subjected to the same environmental factors that we are.  Thus we support the local economy by supporting our farmers and distillers.

We guarantee that there is absolutely no chemicals, GMO’s, heavy metals, colourants, artificial fragrances or preservatives in any of the products. Thus ensuring the quality of the range. We are also happy to say – that apart from the face and body creams which contain beeswax, our range is Vegan-friendly, and definitely not tested on animals.

We strive as far as possible to use glass packaging ensuring that apart from the healing benefits to the mind and body, our range is also eco-friendly. A useful consideration for any outdoor campers and nature lovers that prefer not to have the products they use on their skin and body, harm the pristine environment they are in.

In addition – we have a complete hospitality range available to guest house owners. This package includes the service of creating an exclusive fragrance blend specifically suited to your guest house, as well as a collaborative label with the logo and branding of the guest house on the bottle. Regular size bottles and refills are available.

Essential Oils

Our range of natural, pure essential oils are local and sustainably produced.

Herbal Teas

Feel the tension and stress melt away with  cup of our quality herbal teas.

Skin & Body Care

Indulge and treat your skin and body with truly natural products, made to nourish and heal.

Pet Care

Natural products for your pets, made to care for them as much as you do.

About us

The story of Mai Co. began in  the early 2000’s when we almost lost our beloved Siamese cat (Mai) due to a severe reaction to commercial flea products. Our natural medicine practitioner was  able to pull her through by treating her with only natural remedies. This touched me so deeply,  and I was so impressed with the positive results, that I was inspired to enrol for natural medicinal healing courses with the South Africa Herb Academy and the Radionic Association (Oxford). Thereafter I began developing my own natural product range, and after extensive research, I developed a non-chemical tick and flea powder for cats. And with that Mai Co. was established in 2009.

My Dad, Jay and mom, Sonja and myself,  developed our first natural recipes together, using herbs from our own garden. Over time the products for pets were added to, and grew into a range of over 80 all natural products for the whole family, and for the home. With the goal of using only nature’s finest healing ingredients.

All Natural